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Depression: Me, Myself and Mental Health – Short Film

This film was produced by the young people who are part of our Article 12 Council, in partnership with NHS South Central and OFVM Film Oxford.

The members of Article 12 wanted to challenge the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health by making a film about depression.

Jo, one of the members of the Article 12 Council said:

“Over the last six months the article 12 council and its eight members have been developing, making and editing two films about mental health, in order to promote and help wipe out the stigma attach to mental health. We were given the task of choosing whether or not we wanted to pick one specific type of mental health to focus on or make a general film about mental health. The whole group felt due to the time scale and resources we had it would be of benefit for everyone to focus on a specific subject. We managed to decide on two main topics: eating disorders ‘food 4 thought’ , and depression and anxiety ‘depression – me, myself and mental health’.

I hope the films will be viewed by many people in order to help wipe out the horrible and untrue stigma that is surrounded in mental health.”

The Trust would like to congratulate and thank all of the Article 12 members for producing an excellent film.