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Mental Health Issues: My journey to recovery and my recovery approach

Hi all. I uploaded this video as perhaps a beacon of hope to anyone that is beginning their journey through the minefield that is mental health.

It’s tough right at the start, sitting at the doctors when they’re telling you face to face that you have this incurable illness and that you will be on medication for the rest of your life, and that you’ll have mental health issues for the same duration. This is what happened to me, it’s tough, and it doesn’t inspire hope.

I am actually living proof that it does get better, and that it can be conquered if you set your mind to it. My turning point in my life was when I accepted who I was and that I was ill, and I needed to fix myself. So I sought help and instruction to make my life better.

Hopefully this video will serve as some hope to people with similar issues. Spread the love! You are all awesome 🙂

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