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‘My Mind, Departed’ poem

My Mind, Departed by Jonny Benjamin

My mind, departed.
And in it’s place,
A static image
Forevermore; his face.

The azure eyes and pale complexion;
His auburn stubble long.
Yet, faded, one particular section:
His smile; like a distant song.

For there lay two lips that i onced kissed;
His mouth pouring out
A heart flowing with bliss.

Teeth that gilmmered in an instance
Of joy; savaging now,
Since it’s decay from existence.

Behind that, his tongue,
And a taste which lingers on;
Like the sadness once the summer seasons gone.

Eyes closed or open,
His picture does remain,
And until it disappears
The affliction will sustain.

I forget what reasoning is now,
My capacity expired;
I thought a man could only steal the heart,
Never the organs higher.

Finally i long for my mind,
To come back to the place,
Where grief lies immortal
In the portrait of his face.