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Premier League March 4 March Campaign

The Collins Foundation – Premier League March 4 March campaign. 2017

March 2017 I will personally walk (march) to each and every Premier league club for mental health awareness.
The plan is to start at Norwich City FC and seek donations from each of the clubs players, get signed shirts for auction and a photo with each of the Chief Executives to prove I have reached that particular club. I will do this on a £0 budget and hope that along the way people will help me in any way they can, whether that be food and drink to keep me going or a lift to the next ground.
Money raised will go towards getting the foundations hub for mental health started, a mental health football club and promotional activities to push the message home that mental health stigma must be defeated, such as a short film to highlight the huge suicide rate in the UK and other ideas in the pipeline.

The Collins Foundation intends to create a footprint by way of a hub for mental health suffers that will keep users up to date with treatment and a place to come to find new ways to help them combat the mental health issues they face while waiting for NHS treatment. The aim is to then promote the Hub idea to communities up and down the country in order that people do not feel left to suffer while waiting for their treatment.

The hub will be at the heart of the community and promote good mental health and wellbeing with the Support of Norfolk and Waveney NHS trust of which meetings have already taken place with Norman Lamb MP who has also pledged his support to this idea along with Directors of the trust and the wellbeing service commissioned by the NHS.
More information will follow in the coming weeks as to the exact date I will start my march so do keep an eye out on the progress.
Thank you for your continued support.