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The Eaton Foundation. 1st Male Health & Well Being Center In UK

The Eaton Foundation is a Fantastic project and one that we at The Collins Foundation Aspire to. For me and many others this is ground breaking stuff and what a shame the Government did’t recognise the problem of Men’s mental health sooner, Much sooner!

Here’s what they do for their Community, taken from their website


We provide confidential services for men over the age of 18 years old living in East Staffordshire and surrounding areas.

The Eaton Foundation can deal with all of these problems in house – reducing the need to refer you to lots of different places. We can support you with:

– Dependency and Addiction
– Housing and Homelessness
– Mental Health
– Space to talk about Sexuality and Gender
– Debt and Money
– Benefits and Appeals
– Training and Education
– Employment
– Offending

The Eaton Foundation believes in a whole person approach to support. We acknowledge that one problem may contribute to or escalate another. We won’t just focus on one problem or one area of your life, we can work with you to identify your priorities and goals for the future.

Thank you Alex Eaton, You and your organisation are an inspiration to me and wish you all the success you deserve. Shawn Collins(Founder)