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13 Things Men With Anxiety And Depression Want You To Know

Source – Huffington Post Openly discussing mental illness can be a tough battle for anyone — but for men, the cultural baggage of traditional masculinity may make it particularly challenging. There’s an obvious stigma when it comes to men and mental health. Research suggests many men find it difficult to disclose mental illness symptoms and…

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Depression: Me, Myself and Mental Health – Short Film

This film was produced by the young people who are part of our Article 12 Council, in partnership with NHS South Central and OFVM Film Oxford. The members of Article 12 wanted to challenge the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health by making a film about depression. Jo, one of the members of the Article 12 Council said…

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A blog by Av – “Scream It Out Loud, Silence Is The Enemy” – Silence Is The Enemy – Papa Roach

This blog was written by Av Verz. A person the foundation has come into contact by her writing and has agreed to share her blog with you. When this period of depression initially kicked in and I posted on my Facebook page (that can only be seen by friends), that I felt bad/low, I encountered a fair amount of private messages making sarcastic, uneducated comments but thankfully I also received many positive, thoughtful comments and messages.

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Freedom by Nicola Elias

As regular visitors to the site will know we like to add music, poetry and stories from people who themselves have or are suffering with mental ill health. We have been following this young lady for some time and would like to share a song she has written. She has a great tone and voice and we would like to share it with you.

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