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Introducing Smiiffy

Smiiffy is a 20 year old rapper who is passionate about putting an end to suicide rates. Smiiffy raps his own personal experiences and puts them into a song in hope he can help others in a positive manor. iTunes top 40 artist Smiiffy devotes everything to others in need and his own supporters who have been incredible. Josh, is currently working with many charities mainly mental health as it affects so many people. Not every disability is visible. Over a staggering 17,500 people have heard of Smiiffy and have given him many opportunities by becoming a supporter. You can follow Smiiffy on Twitter and Facebook

Smiiffy has been writing and putting songs together since the young age of 14, Only the last 2-3 years has he taken music seriously gaining many Radio, Televesion, Newspaper & Magazine opportunities. Smiiffy has also, been able to go into schools and meet young supporters to try and inspire many people across the globe doing both his music and charity work

Here's another track. We at the Foundation are proud to support Smiiffy's work so we thought we'd treat you to another of his master pieces...

Published on Sep 9, 2015
Released for WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY #TurnBrumPurple for Papyrus prevention of young suicide, use the hashtag on twitter!