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Welcome to The Collins Foundation Website.

We have a MISSION! To fight against Mental Health STIGMA, promote change and inspire people to talk more openly about their problems. We want to provide an insight into their stories in order to encourage more people to seek help. It's also a place to keep you up to date on current mental health stories in the media, and a place to discover creative people with mental health issues with their music, poetry and more! We would like to introduce Raymond Baxter - our resident Vlogger, and a survivor of his own mental health issues so be sure to check out Raymond Talks to learn more.

We aim to create a mental health & well being HUB firstly based in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK. This will be the footprint for what we hope can be recreated nationwide - we dream big at the foundation, can you tell? The HUB aims to be a place to serve all kinds of needs for people who suffer mental health issues with the aim of not having to be repeatedly referred from one organisation to another. In the Interim period we will look to work with partners to bridge the gap between Initial GP appointment to referral, during their treatment and beyond with emphasis on recovery.


We are looking for innovative new ways to approach mental health with the aim of more people seeking the help they need and deserve. How are we doing this? Shawn Collins (Founder) will meet with health professionals, and organisations that can offer insight and knowledge..
This site will constantly evolve alongside the project, so follow on Twitter and Facebook as we look to campaign in our community and beyond against mental health Stigma. To find out more please check out our about page to see our aims in more detail.

We hope you enjoy what the site has to offer as it looks to seek a fresh approach to fighting mental health Stigma.


Introducing Smiiffy. This young man has raised more than 100k for charity supporting mental health and others. A newly signed and top 40 iTunes artist spitting rhymes about his personal experiences and his battles with mental health. This was aired earlier this year. Enjoy...

Here's another track. We at the Foundation are proud to support Smiiffy's work so we thought we'd treat you to another of his master pieces...