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Raymond Talks

Depression is an Evil liar

Many moons ago I suffered from deep, deep depression. Imagine the kind of depression that walks into your life out of nowhere and slowly kills a part of you. When that part is gone then it jumps inside of you, replacing what once was a part of you and now exists as a deep dark void in a pit of bile and nastiness.

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Let’s kick Depression in the ass – Raymond Talks

I’ve been a sufferer of severe depression in the past and it’s a horrible horrible illness. I had built so many bad memories and horrible social issues around my life that it all funneled into a nasty pit of horribleness. Until I decided to kick the ass off depression.

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Taking responsibility 101. Learning to expand your mind – Raymond Talks

As a teenager and a young man I was the king of not accepting responsibility for my actions, I’d always blame the other guy, or blame myself and quite harshly too. You see it wasn’t the most constructive way to move forward in life, shirking that responsibility and passing the blame. What I realised in later years if that I was to “accept” what had happened and look at ways to improve myself so it never happens again.

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Mental Health Issues: My journey to recovery and my recovery approach

Hi all. I uploaded this video as perhaps a beacon of hope to anyone that is beginning their journey through the minefield that is mental health. It’s tough right at the start, sitting at the doctors when they’re telling you face to face that you have this incurable illness and that you will be on medication for the rest of your life, and that you’ll have mental health issues for the same duration.

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