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The Collins Foundation 2 years on..

So it’s been over 2 years since the website launched and the foundation found it’s place online. It’s been a long and arduous journey at times to make things happen but proud of the work that’s been done so far. The overriding message that I aim for is to get people talking about their mental health and more importantly feel more comfortable doing so.

It’s a pleasure and exciting  to see that more and more people are talking, in the media in the workplace and now as we have seen, the Royal family have really got involved in the fight against mental health stigma and also the exposure to highlight the need for better understanding and treatment of mental illness.

I have had the pleasure of talking to and meeting people from all over the world from psychologists to hypnotherapists among many others. Also others like that me suffer on a daily basis and has been very enlightening at times opening even my experienced eyes.

The plan for the foundation remains largely the same with the view to establishing a community hub focused on the many forms of mental health in the community. We are currently looking at ways to make this part of the project a reality and anyone reading who thinks they could help here or add something would be greatly appreciated to get in touch with us at the foundation. We will continue to seek idea’s, stories and relevant content for the site which I hope will be beneficial to those that read the articles we post and again, if you have content you wish to share please get in touch with us.

One of the benefits of this journey iv’e been on is all the lovely people I have got to meet including MP’s, Councillors, organisers, Charities and many others and have been humbled on many occasions by the hard work and dedication that is put in on many projects up and down the UK.

Here’s just a few pics taken along the journey. We will update you all again in the near future as we look to progress.