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Suicide & Me, A second chance…Part 1.

By Shawn Collins (Founder) For me life has been a difficult journey but one in which I have thankfully learned a great deal. Often I think of how things could have been if only I was born to another family, but then again I wouldn’t know what I do now. Suicide is something I have battled with twice in my life and both times I meant for it to happen.

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Cannabis Psychosis and Me!!

For almost 20 years I smoked Cannabis and for a long time I thought it was helping me forget all my troubles. The fact is that high strength Cannabis for example Skunk is a potent strain and although It seemed to help it was in fact having a huge detrimental effect on my brain, my thoughts and behaviour of which my Fiancé will agree. Almost every day I found myself thinking about what money I had in order to buy my next bag or where I was going to buy it.

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A Snapshot of my life. By Shawn Collins – Founder.

My story begins back in the 1980’s, born in 1980. I don’t remember much about my early years apart from lots of people always being around the house. The first Christmas I remember was 1985 were I got a BMX, the bike was too big for me and within a couple of days it was given to my then step father.

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