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Collins Foundation Community Collaboration Project

At the Foundation we are passionate about the community and beyond. This week I have started the GY community collaboration project which aims to bring services together to work together and share knowledge and practices.

Why is this important??

Well, for to long services have been working alone in many cases yet they are all part of the same community, I believe that by working together we can build a much more cohesive community connecting people and organisations who have a shared passion to help and support both vulnerable and socially aware groups or people to get the job done !!
For some months now I have been identifying projects and organisations who are fantastic at what they do with the view to bringing them together in many ways for the benefit of their clients and the wider community and things are now beginning to take shape.

What is the connection with the Foundation??

At the heart of the Foundation is the communities health and wellbeing with emphasis on mental health, we all have mental health to take care of and therefore I see this as a must in order to create what has been missing for years with the rise of technology. Years ago communities worked together and thus wellbeing was greater than it is today, we need this cohesion back so this is the answer to what is the connection to the Foundation and it’s work.

Please do keep up to date here to learn what is being done. Thank you for reading and look forward to updating everyone as to what will be happening.