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Depression is an Evil liar

Many moons ago I suffered from deep, deep depression. Imagine the kind of depression that walks into your life out of nowhere and slowly kills a part of you. When that part is gone then it jumps inside of you, replacing what once was a part of you and now exists as a deep dark void in a pit of bile and nastiness.

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The Mental Health Diagnosis Bootcamp

The mental health diagnosis boot camp So you’ve just been diagnosed with a serious mental illness. Or that’s what it was called back in the day when I was diagnosed. You can’t believe it right?

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Through the eyes of Psychosis

I’ve always wanted to write something like this because I genuinely think you have to experience Psychosis before you truly can understand the ripple effect it can send through yourself and your loved ones. Watching myself slowly self destruct from the inside looking back; it isn’t a pretty sight. Psychosis is one of those funny little things that people use as a “buzz word” but I truly don’t think they fully understand the implications, the memories and the long lasting damning effect it has on ones deeper inner workings.

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